Centerfeed Toilet Paper Dispenser white ABS ECO-LUXE


Centerfeed Toilet Paper Dispenser white ABS ECO-LUXE

Centerfeed Toilet Paper Dispenser white ABS ECO-LUXE


Design, quality and functionality. These are the three main features of the central dispenser of the new ECO-LUXE line.

Sheet-by-sheet dispensing of the paper prevents cross-contamination of users by keeping the rest of the paper-roll protected inside the dispenser. A vital feature for the adaptation to the ‘low touch economy’ generated by the novel coronavirus.

Reduces paper consumption thanks to the controlled dispensing system. Centerfeed extraction of the sheet paper favours a responsible use of the paper and avoiding a disproportionate use of it.

It is made of white ABS 100% ECO-SUSTAINABLE material and has a nice design that intersperses smooth surfaces with wavy areas that give the product a unique and differentiated style. It comes equipped with lock and plastic key to facilitate the replacement of consumable and protect the inside of the appliance against misuse.

The new ECO-LUXE line is born from the desire to contribute to the improvement of hygiene in public spaces by providing quality, functionality and design at competitive prices. It has been designed to achieve optimum performance, building on LOSDI’s extensive experience as a consolidated brand in the field of professional and industrial hygiene in more than 45 countries.

In addition, its distinctive and striking design gives a glimpse of the high quality standards of LOSDI, allowing a simple and user-friendly dispensing.