ABS Centerfeed Paper Dispensers. Elegance Line


ABS Centerfeed Paper Dispensers, transparent colour. Elegance Line

ABS Centerfeed Paper Dispensers. Elegance Line


enterfeed paper dispenser of the Elegance Line, made of ABS, make it a compact centerfeed paper dispenser, robust and with anti-vandalism characteristics. It presents a polyvalent and timeless design that adapts to any space. Ideal for toilets and kitchens with high traffic.

It has an standard security Losdi key, supplied with the product.

Place it vertically on wall. For its correct installation, it has a set of screws and elements.

In addition to its function as a paper dispenser, it acts as a decorative element, decorating all public bathrooms and renewing the visible face of your business.

The model with throttle includes systems of controlled dispensation, and with it its dosage is allowed leaf by leaf, saving costs in its consumption.

Manufactured in ABS in different colours such as: Fumé colour (transparent), white colour, grey colour and black colour. It allows to be adapted to any space depending on the design you have.

Losdi centerfeed paper dispensers can be found in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, canteens, kitchens, service stations, petrol stations, clinics, offices, etc.