High Level Cleaning Services in Limassol

At WeClean4U we understand the importance of maintaining good hygiene within your premise so have designed our high level cleaning services to handle those cleaning tasks that are too hazardous to form part of your everyday cleaning and maintenance regimes. Our expert technicians use specialist high level access equipment to clean those hard to reach areas and confined spaces.

high level cleaning
high level cleaning
high level cleaning

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high level cleaning

What is High Level Cleaning?

High level cleaning (Sometimes called high reach cleaning) involves both internal and external areas at height within industrial or commercial environments. This can range from dusting, cleaning, and sanitising a range of high level areas such as including windows, light fittings, ceilings, walls, and exterior cladding. Professional high level cleaning services are specifically tailored to cleaning requirements, and the environment and often require a risk assessment.

The health and safety implications and associated dangers with working from a height mean that high-level cleaning practices should always and only ever be undertaken by a trained professional with the correct equipment. Our technicians work to the relevant health and safety standards and conduct an extensive risk assessment before commencing any high level cleans.

Our High Level Cleaning Service

From internal high level cleaning to external and gutter cleaning, our team will create a tailored cleaning solution based on your needs and requirements. We have experience working in a range of environments such as factories, food manufacturing sites, retail units, leisure facilities and warehouses. Whether you require emergency high level cleaning or a more regular high level cleaning service to help you maintain a high standard of hygiene, our team of experts can support you to ensure that your building is safe and hygienic.

Once our hygiene consultant has surveyed your premises and assessed your high level cleaning requirements, we will provide service recommendations based on your business’ needs with a free no-obligation quote. Our specialist equipment allows our technicians to carry out high level cleaning on your premises and are capable of dealing with all high level cleaning situations, utilising high level access equipment and advanced techniques.

Our cleaning team is also trained in confined space cleaning and will deliver tailored cleaning solutions. We will safely carry out our professional high level cleaning solutions at a time convenient to you, to help minimise disruption to your business and production downtime.

high level cleaning
high level cleaning

Other commercial contract cleaning services we offer for your business:

In addition to high-level leaning, we’ve got a couple of other services that you might find useful for your workplace. So give us a call in case you need:

  • Office carpet cleaning – If you need professional carpet cleaning– let us know. We can vacuum the carpeting at your workplace and it will always look at its best but the service does not include high-end steam treatment by default. All professional cleaners use professional equipment and modern methods to achieve the best looks for your carpets and rugs.
  • Office window cleaning – On the other hand, we can also help you with the cleanliness of the windows at your office, both on the inside and the outside. We use a water-fed pole system to reach as high as the fourth storey of the building. For higher floors, we use abseiling equipment to safely clean every window of the building.
  • Office upholstery cleaning – Do you have any sofas, couches or other furnishings that are in need of cleaning? At WeClean4U we know what is excellent upholstery cleaning – dry foam, leather upholstery and more. For questions – call us and ask.